Monday, October 13, 2008

Election 2008 Poll: Expect the Unexpected

By Eric Goncalves

Fordham University’s College Republicans recently ran a political poll on the Rose Hill campus to survey the political inclinations and electoral views of the University’s students. The simple four question poll asked students to list their political views, the issue they believed was most influential in the upcoming election, the candidates that they were considering voting for, and if they were familiar with Larry Kudlow.

Upon analyzing the results, there were many unexpected numbers. Ruling out the outliers who were voting for Al Sharpton or Chad Ciocci, the numbers were actually quite surprising. Out of the fifty-two students surveyed, a majority of which viewed themselves as Moderately liberal (about 30%), more than half were voting for McCain/Palin while Obama/Biden fell short with just over 40% of the votes. On a considerably liberal campus in a blue state, it is surprising to see such a result. With Obama leading the national polls, it gets people to think: How much do these polls really reflect the people taking them?

If they do show something, the poll taken by the Fordham College Republicans depicts that not all is lost for John McCain, and despite the deficit he is facing in the national polls, there are some liberals who know that although Barack Obama can make great speeches he may not be the best candidate to lead our great country.

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