Saturday, February 7, 2009

Obama vs. Limbaugh

By Douglas Kohn

President Obama is letting his inexperience and partisanship show through. For all his talk of post partisanship he is still partisan. This stimulus bill was an egregious abuse of power. I think Peggy Noonan put it best when she said ‘President Obama made news by meeting with GOP leaders, but he would have made history if he had listened to them.’

Furthermore, Obama made a gigantic mistake by picking a fight with Rush Limbaugh. The way Limbaugh phrased his opposition to Obama’s socialist leanings is despicable. One should never hope for a President to fail, but should oppose individual policies without hesitation.

If you look at past President’s statements, not one has ever mentioned their opponents in the media by name. Presidents Bush and Clinton had more than their fair share of outrageous critics in the media but never made the mistake of mentioning them by name. By mentioning Rush Limbaugh by name, Obama gave him recognition he could never have hoped for in the past. He will bring new listeners who, even if they may have disagreed with everything Rush said in the past, will find themselves in agreement with him once he goes down the checklist of the outrageous pork and useless spending in the bailout.

Limbaugh gets paid $30 million a year and has a massive audience. If Obama continues to pick a fight with him, Limbaugh will win. There is an old saying, “never pick a fight with a medium that buys ink by the gallon.”

I had thought 2008 might prove to be a year of political realignment, but now I have my doubts if this administration continues to screw up.


Emily Genetta said...

I agree that even acknowledging Rush Limbaugh is a terrible idea, but you can't accuse Obama of 'picking a fight.' He's simply responding... a questionable choice, yes, but he's not the main antagonizer. Also, Limbaugh can't win any argument because his logic is just that atrocious. Even if we make it about resources, though, Obama's definitely got him beat in terms of cash AND listenership.

Phil said...

I agree President Obama would lose in a battle with Rush assuming the Democrats do not install the censorship doctrine again. Remember, with the flat-out disappearance of the Constitution it seems the Federal Government has the right to do as it pleases. Even if that means censor speech.

Emily Genetta said...

Democrats censor speech... how? And I'm pretty sure Obama is trying to restore the Constitution that Bush wrecked, but, then again, we could be living in alternate universes.

Phil said...

Emily contrary to your beliefs Democrats are not championed protectors of liberty. The speech censorship I am referring to is called the Fairness Doctrine (look it up).

Also, you are completely right President Bush did abuse the Constitution and now President Obama has taken it a step further. Capping salary compensation? Having the White House run the Census? That's not Constitutional to me.

Emily Genetta said...

I'd never heard of the 'Fairness Doctrine' until now, but even disregarding it, Democrats are of course not completely unimpeachable, valiant defenders of the Constitution. I'm simply pointing out the absurdity of calling out Democrats when Republicans have been far more egregious in their infringement on the Constitution in recent years. Hardly any conservatives called them out on it, but now that 'the enemy' is in power, you're more than willing to jump on every mistake. It makes no sense to me.

Phil said...

That's the first thing you've said that I agree with and in fact wrote a blog post on that very topic earlier this month. Many conservatives did not call out the Bush Administration when it destroyed the Constitution. I can proudly say, however, that I was not in that group and was and still am very critical of the Bush Administration for its destruction of the Constitution. With that said, however, the Bush Administration is no longer in power and it is now time to criticize the unconstitutional efforts of the Obama Administration. I do not believe that just because Bush destroyed the Constitution means that we conservatives can no longer criticize Obama. The fact of the matter is that Bush did not govern on conservative (constitutional) principles and now Obama is doing the same. Both deserve to be criticized.