Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Honor, Duty and Looking Forward

By Douglas Kohn

No one writing for this blog is happy with the result of this disappointing, though historic, election. John McCain, a great man who has served his country in a way that the vast majority of us will never have the opportunity to do, lost. We must look to the future and to make the best with what we have.

First of all, Barack Obama is now our President. He is not the President of African Americans or Democrats or Liberals. He will govern all of us, and as he is the President- elect we owe him our loyalty and must uphold the honor of this country.

As a matter of policy, now all Conservatives can do is hope for the best, that Barack Obama is not the Socialist of his youth. May he rule his people well.


moonburnt14523 said...

Kudos on being civil (seriously), but no president automatically deserves loyalty. If you guys disagree with him, screw loyalty. Maybe you have a different definition of loyalty than I do, but your loyalty to Bush is kinda what cost the Republican party this election.

Just something to think about.

And with that, I need to stop wasting my time on this blog.


thekohnman69 said...

Disagreeing with the President does not mean he still does not deserve respect. George Bush has done more to hurt the cause of American Conservatism than any Democrat or other left winger could possibly do. He still has earned my respect because I believe he acted with the country's best interest in mind, though he lacked the wisdom to do it properly. There is a great difference between being intelligent and being wise.

nolita said...

Last time I checked, 'respect' and 'loyalty' meant two totally different things. Also, I find it ludicrous to give Bush my respect because of good intentions. I'll give him my pity, how's that?