Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I Love America

By Barbara Delo

With Democratic victories in the Senate and Presidential races, political control in Washington has shifted from Republican to Democratic- from a philosophy of limited government to a philosophy of larger government, from a philosophy of greater freedom to a philosophy of greater government control and regulation over our individual lives.

Perhaps this was the result of panic over the economy.

Perhaps this was just the swinging of the pendulum after 8 years of a Republican presidency.

Perhaps the nearly billion dollars spent by Obama made the difference.

Perhaps this occurred because of disarray and dishonesty that had infiltrated the Republican Party itself.

Regardless, we now have a President who ran on the platform of changing our great nation. How far he succeeds in moving our country towards the world of George Orwell in the book 1984 depends on how we respond to this setback. We must not give up but rather MUST start today to defend our freedoms, use our talents to become involved in the political debate, and build the skills and grassroots organization needed to be successful in the future.

I love America. Too much change could destroy it.


Gibbs said...

What is it with you guys!? You speak prophetically about the possibility of an Orwell future with Obama in office, seemingly oblivious to the past eight years of the Bush administration doing everything in their power to resemble Big Brother.

moonburnt14523 said...

How has Obama been at all Orwellian? How has the Democratic party in general been Orwellian? Greater government oversight does not mean less personal freedom. In fact, government oversight is sometimes needed to ensure personal freedom, as with sexual harrassment laws, for instance.

What's Orwellian is what Bush has done. I'm not saying he's a model Republican. I'm saying you need to re-read 1984.