Sunday, November 2, 2008

Trickle Down Socialism

By Douglas Kohn

Gradually, American government has moved further and further left over the last 60 years. There has never been a concerted effort at communism or socialism in America, but it has been a gradual march. Each time the left makes an advance, no President rolls back the expansion of government. No one rolled back the New Deal or the Great Society.

Obama’s Robin Hood policy seems contradictory. The rich will be taxed more, even though the wealthiest 5% pay 60% of the tax bill and the lowest 40% pay no income taxes. It has been long, slow and arduous, but the left is winning. Especially with the country’s changing demographics, where there is a large immigrant population hostile to the Republican Party and Conservatism in general, it is hard to see anything standing in the way of this mutation of all that is American.


moonburnt14523 said...

Communism is an economic system. Socialism is a political system. Just so you know.

Does having the rich pay more than those who can barely make ends meet seem unfair to you? Hate to break it to you, but taxes could be a lot lower if we weren't in a multibillion dollar war. Until then, those with more will have to pay more to fund it.

moonburnt14523 said...

P.S. Socialism is, by definition, not "trickle-down"

DSKohn said...

I should have been more specific but the point here is that in America, socialism has trickled down from the left wing 'elite' intelligencia of the universities through main stream politics and media down to the voters that now want universal healthcare. It has been gradual. The title was meant to be a figure of speech.